Sonam Grounded

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Just yesterday, we informed readers of Ranbir Kapoor’s self imposed house arrest courtesy of his new look for Shimit Amin’s Robot Singh, which he was not only shy of, but wanted to keep under wraps. However, it seems that it’s not only Ranbir who is stuck at home. Saawariya co-star and “best bud” Sonam Kapoor is also confined to her home. But this is not for any role or because of any shy situation. It seems that the Delhi 6 actress is officially grounded.

Even though she may have become a fashion diva and an actress on the professional front, at home Papa Anil Kapoor still reigns. And when daughter Sonam came home late, 4 a.m. too late, from a night out on the town with her friends, it seems that daddy-dearest was miffed and Sonam, grounded. Normally, Sonam and her siblings are known for being obedient which upset the veteran actor immensely.

So when she returned home, she was told she was grounded for a whole month! Of course, that does not include her “professional commitments.” Sonam took the penalty in great stride according to sources, “…And the child has taken the punishment without any protest.”

It seems that Anil Kapoor knows the ways of the industry, insiders report, and although Sonam has two security guards with her at all times, he still expects her to abide by the rules that has been set for all his children.

If you don’t see Sonam out and about on the social circuit, you know she’s not allowed and is probably stuck at home…grounded.

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