Sonam Kapoor Apologizes to Shobhaa De

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Clearly celebrities are as human as the rest of us. After retweeting a rather rude tweet in which friend and director Punit Malhotra described critic Shobhaa De as a “fossil” among many other names, Sonam Kapoor has come out and publically apologized. In her weekly column for a renowned publication, De wrote about I Hate Luv Storys and described her dislike for the film in its entirety. Almost immediately, director Malhotra jumped to the film’s defense which led to a bit of name calling.

However, realizing that this rather childish act was unacceptable, Sonam Kapoor took it upon herself and tweeted a public apology to the popular Indian writer. Her apology read, “Mrs de I owe you an apology for getting personal. I’m ashamed for my momentary lapse in judgement. And apologetic.. Every writer and journalist and audience are entitled to their opinion and I respect that.”

Fans of the actress have come out in complete unity and have called her act one of maturity and graciousness. In fact, the actress has gained more fans who have decided to follow her on Twitter after her apology tweet.

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