Sonam Kapoor on Self-Analysis

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Ask Sonam Kapoor to describe herself and she will say “I am nerd, a shopoholic and an actress completely. I love acting and have always dreamt of becoming an actress. I was never into anything else.” She even admits to having had a crush on Shah Rukh Khan when she was six years old.

She also talks about how much her father, Anil Kapoor, has taught her about approaching life in an industry that can sweep you away and use you all up if you are not careful. “He’s an honest man, my father,” she confirms, “He’s always put his head down and worked. He’s never looked at controversies, camps, feuds. When you do that, what you deserve comes your way. He’s won awards, critical acclaim; he’s always been at his peak, even at 48 when his daughter is entering the industry. At the end of the day, to him it’s a job, not the be all and end all of life. That’s how he’s lived. That’s how I will live it too.”

Sonam has been deeply entrenched in the build-up and celebrations for Slumdog Millionaire in which her father plays a key role. “I am feeling delirious…I have almost lost my voice. I’ve been screaming and shouting…I can’t believe what we have achieved. It’s amazing, it’s amazing!” she exclaims. “It is strange but I have a personal connection with all those who have won. Resul (Pookutty) was a part of our team both for Saawariya and Delhi 6. Rahman, of course, did the music for Delhi 6. Then of course then there’s my dad, who is looking the handsomest. I can’t describe the emotional connect that I am feeling with everyone out there.”

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