Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan sings ‘Why This Kolaveri Di ‘

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By now you must have seen or heard the song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’, probably about a million times. The song is not only a hit in India, but also within the Asian communities in UAE, America and Europe. The song with the fabulous beat has become an inspiration for other music artists who are doing their version of the song in their own language or are changing the lyrics to fit them. However, the cutest tribute to the hit song ever comes from Sonu Nigam’s 4-year old son Nevaan.

Sonu Nigam made a little change in the lyrics though. He made his son drink milk instead of scotch. The video of Nevaan singing his own version of the song was uploaded on Sunday and managed to get more than 220,000 views in one day.

Actor and singer Dhanush was honoured and tweeted about this kiddy version of his hit song. “Oh my god I’m in love with Nevaan Nigam’s version of Kolaveri. Great idea Sonu nigam ji. It’s very touching and endearing. Hi 5 nevaan. God bless.”

Judging by what we see, this little boy has a lot of potential and we wouldn’t be surprised if we will hear more from him in the years to come. He certainly inherited his daddy’s talent!

If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, here is the Nevaan.

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