Sonu Sood On His Covid Vaccination Campaign and Being Appointed Punjab’s Ambassador for Vaccination

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Actor Sonu Sood has started a Covid Vaccination Campaign and has also been appointed as Punjab’s ambassador for vaccinations. In the interview he speaks with Subhash K Jha about this honor and why he feels he needs to do this.

Congratulations, your thoughts on being appointed Punjab’s ambassador for vaccination?
It’s a huge honour. To be given such a responsibility is not a small thing. I am honoured, more so because I am from Punjab. My parents would have been so proud of me.

Tell me about your all-India vaccination campaign ?
The vaccination awareness is very important. So my organization is connected with 4891 villages in 6 states where we will provide free vaccination and create an awareness on how important the vaccination is. We have called our campaign Sanjeevani.

Why do you think there is a need to create awareness about the vaccination?

I have realized a lot of people are shying away from taking the vaccination. They’ve their own notions and fundas on how unsafe the vaccination is. It’s high time we started a trust campaign for the vaccination so that those who are suspicious of the vaccine would realize it is completely safe. It will enhance the safety of the individual and the nation as a whole.

How successful have you been so far in creating that awareness?
Our campaign is going really well. We’ve already got thousands of people vaccinated and many more are waiting in the queue. I think we are doing what we can in our own small way to create an atmosphere of health safety.

What do you feel about the second wave of Covid that has hit us?
Yes, the second wave is upon us. But this time we are not caught napping. Neither are we sitting idle doing nothing for the distressed during lockdown. This second wave is a reminder that all those who couldn’t do anything to help the needy during last year’s pandemic need to get up and tap into their conscience and resources. This time we are more prepared, far more organized and we’ve more incentive to come forward with a helping hand.

What about the losses to the entertainment industry?
Yes, the pandemic is a big blow to the movie business. And we are going to suffer heavy losses. To get audiences to come back to movie theatres is going to be very difficult. But then these are trials and tribulations which make us stronger. I am sure after the vaccination audiences will return to movie theatres. It may take some time. But it will happen. This is not the first time that our entertainment industry has faced a crisis.

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