Sonu Sood’s mother sentiment

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No doubt Sonu Sood is riding the major wave created by the success of Dabanng after having missed the mark with the not so successful Dhoonte Reh Jaaoge and Ek Vivah Aisi Bhi previously. But that’s not the only reason he has to be happy about. He has just won his fourth award for his role as Pasupathy in the Telugu film, Arundhati at the Lux South Scope Cine Awards on Sunday 19th September. This blockbuster smash hit, released in 2009, has got him the prestigious Nandi Award given by the State Govt of Andhra Pradesh for Best Villain and the Filmfare award for Best Supporting Actor that eluded him for his role as Sujamal in Jodhaa Akbar.

But like all success stories, his too has had a lot of struggle. Having been rejected so many times initially, it was Sonu’s mother that kept him motivated through letters and over the phone. He said in an interview, “I now understand why she wrote those letters. She knew that she won’t always be there to hold my hand. This was her way of showing that she is always there.” She was also the one who helped him break the language barrier he faced working in Tamil and Telugu by sending him a book on mastering Tamil, when he didn’t have work coming from the Hindi industry.

A usually composed Sonu became quite emotional when he won the Best Supporting Actor in this year’s Filmfare South Awards. Stating that every year he came to the award show, his mother would make a “Thank you” card for him on his return with his prize. But now having won the award, he goes on to say he has no card waiting for him, nor does he have his mother, she passed away two years ago. “This is for my mother,” he said, holding the award he felt she herself had sent to him.

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