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For his film Sorry Bhai!, director Onir Anirban went with a relatively new name as music director, Gaurav Dayal. Dayal, who composed the music for Say Salaam India, got the gig after Anirban heard a demo CD of some the composer’s work that Dayal had sent him. Onir likes the music for his films to be like background tracks and that the songs be more as a “montage that moves the story forward.” Dayal followed this ideal by composing songs that are not “classic” filmi. The soundtrack is filled with wonderful songs; each could stand on its own but also will enhance any scene they are part of. There are several different genres, including rock, ballads, some hip hop in the remixes, and surprisingly, jazz. It is wonderful both musically and vocally and overall a wonderful listening experience. Let’s take a closer look at each of the tracks.

Mere Khuda begins brilliantly with the wonderful voice of K.K. The first section has gorgeous yet simple music that has a lovely piano line backing up K.K.’s vocals. The song expands to a greater sound with a modern beat and a rock edge. K.K. rises up to the challenge of the more complex musical lines to make the song even better. In previous reviews I have mused on what makes a great song and concluded that it had to have both the music and the vocals to be spot on, so ‘Mere Khuda’ definitely is in the great song category. Fantastic music plus exceptional singing equals Great Song! It is a must add to your music library and I am sure will be on repeat!

The Mere Khuda Remix, which was done by the music director himself, is great! He added a Spanish flavor in the beginning and then the song gets into a club groove. K.K.’s vocal is so good on the song that if this was the only version I would really like it, but it does not compare with the original. There is a really nice guitar refrain in the middle that I particularly found appealing. This is a worth a listen, too!

Pal is a duet with Sunidhi Chauhan and Chayan Adhikari. The track has a smooth jazzy instrumental beginning, and the jazz soul runs through the whole song, but it is also a western pop ballad. Their two voices mesh together well and sound very nice. The arrangement of the music is also well done if a bit standard in the backbeat in parts. A very pretty song that is easy and enjoyable to listen to. The music is saved from being called a stock pop number because of the beginning and the excellent musical interlude that takes the song from ordinary to better!

The Pal Remix by Eric Pillai is a completely different track, and I admire his adding a hip-hop element into the smooth tones of the song. It is an interesting fusion that works fairly well. The song is different enough that some may like the added flavor, so not one to skip, but not a favorite either.

Vivek Philip took over the musical direction for the title track of Sorry Bhai, and he also penned the English lyrics. (Amitabh Varma wrote the Hindi lyrics on all the tracks on the album). At the mic are Abhishek Nailwal, Sunidhi Chauhan and K.K., and their voices are wonderful together. This is Sunidhi in her lower range and I love when she uses her voice in the more alto notes. The arrangement of this song has a cool fusion of different voices, styles and tempos. Musically it is great, but there is a problem and that comes with the English lyrics. I am not sure why they don’t work but they just stand out like a sore thumb. The Hindi lyrics seem to fit nicely and sound better with the music. The song overall is terrific in parts but the English stanzas should have been left out or sung in Hindi.

Jalte Hain comes in 3 flavors: one with Abhishek Nailwal, a second version with K.K. lending his voice, and a remix. All three are very good, but it is the Abhishek Nailwal song that is the ace! Nailwal’s voice is pitch-perfect and he has this really cool voice quality that just makes the song brill. The music at times is simple and at times leaning toward more complex R &B with many other great notes and arrangements throughout. For example, there is a wonderful acoustic guitar that adds an extra musical punch to an already killer song. Just put this one on repeat, it is one of the best on this album.

Now if K.K.’s Jalte Hain had been the only version on the album I would have given it the one of the best tracks label but it does pale a bit next to Nailwail’s rendition. I love K.K and he sings this song with great feeling but overall the track is missing something. The music in parts of this version is actually better so I love this one. too. Since it is such a great song to listen too I say play this one and enjoy it all over again!

Jalte Hain Remix by Eric Pillai uses Nailwal’s version and, to be honest, why mess with something that is too good. It is basically speeded up with some electronica thrown in and really was not needed when the other two versions’ excellence drown it out.

Some Times is a pleasant surprise on a CD filled with excellent tracks. It is a full-on jazz number sung by Nanette Natal, who also was lyricist for the piece. Nanette Natal is a well-known jazz singer in New York and has a voice that reminds you of the great Lena Horne. The classic jazz combo of piano, double bass, drums and a sax backs up her incredible vocal. I loved that they included this on the album; it is not something usually heard on Hindi soundtracks. I am very curious to see what scene this will appear in as background music. If you are a jazz head you will be in heaven, but if not expand your horizons and give this a listen or 10! Sensational!

Many times when you listen to a Hindi film soundtrack you like a song but then once you see it in the context of the film you grow to love it. This is one album that does not need to grow on you once you see how the songs play out – they are so good that you like them on first hearing them. Dayal certainly hits the right notes with this set of songs. Each is unique and it makes for a great album! Be sure to check it out!

Sorry Bhai! starring Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Chitrangda Singh and Shabana Azmi opens in theatres on November 28th! Keep checking back at for some exciting interviews!

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