“Sorry!” says Sallu

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Salman Khan is known for being pretty down to earth and humble for the most part. He is also known for breaking his friendships with old and close friends at the drop of a hat. However, it seems that Sallu is finally realizing that it is hard to find good friends and has decided to mend some broken bridges with Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar.

Sanju and Sallu’s friendship goes back many a moons now. Their friendship was soured by the interference of producer Bunty Walia. Currently shooting for Veer, Salman heard that his old pal was also shooting for Walia’s next film. When Khan heard this, he decided to do a quick U-turn since he didn’t want a confrontation with the producer. Through the grapevines, Dutt heard about his kind gesture, he took the initiative and hopped on over to the sets of Veer. The two had an emotional few moments, followed by a hug and a long 45-minute catch up chat.

Next on his “kiss and make up” list was none other than Akshay Kumar. AK is currently shooting with Sallu’s beau Katrina Kaif for the movie De Dhana Dhan. Sallu Miyan drove to Film City, when his love was not around, to meet Akshay and sort out their drama. The duo also hugged, called it quits, sat around and discussed the recession and their upcoming movies.

Dosti ho toh aisi! However, one wonders…is an SRK-Salman make up session on the way too?

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