Speedy Singhs Photo Call in London!

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World famous Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters, Speedy Singhs debutant Vinay Virmani and popular Punjabi comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi stopped over in London for a press conference to promote their film Breakaway/ Speedy Singhs today after a short visit to India for the same.

Produced by Akshay Kumar, the film also stars Camilla Belle, Anupam Kher, Rob Lowe, Sakina Jaffery and Noureen DeWulf with the cameo appearances by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar himself , rappers Aubrey ‘DRAKE’ Graham and Chris ‘LUDACRIS’ Bridges. It is directed by well-known Hollywood director Robert Lieberman.

Speedy Singhs tells the story of Rajveer Singh essayed by Vinay Virmani caught between two cultures and two sets of ideals. The film speaks of the sports genre underdog, but in this case, the underdog reflects issues of assimilation that immigrants deal with daily as they strive for acceptance in their new home country.

Speedy Singhs also has a generational story to tell, as a young man tries to find his way in a new, western world, daring to disobey his father’s sacred traditions. It gives the audience an insight into the little known Sikh culture, a beautifully humble group of South Asians that embrace a strong sense of community. These real issues ground ‘Speedy Singh’ in a story that has deep resonance – even in its hilarity, it has poignancy.

‘Rajveer Singh’ (Vinay Virmani) is 21 years old and aspires to play professional hockey, struggling to succeed in a predominantly white man’s sport. Facing prejudice from his peers, he decides to assemble an all-Sikh hockey team called ‘Speedy Singh’ and these talented young men begin a challenging journey of social acceptance and ethnic assimilation, while still retaining their proud roots. However, further conflict arises for Rajveer at home, as his orthodox Sikh father (Anupam Kher) wants him to dedicate his life to the family business and the Sikh faith. Caught at the crossroads between family duty and following his dreams, Rajveer prepares for the biggest challenge and game of his life.

We will have much more from the press conference but for now check out these exclusive images!

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