Spiderman 3

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Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Rosemary Harris and Bryce Dallas Howard
Director: Sam Raimi

Spiderman 3 makes villains look good!

Finally, all the Spiderman fans can find relief from the itch of watching the third movie of the series, Spiderman 3, as it makes its worldwide release this week. All set to open the summer season, Spiderman 3 has stormed into theatres with a big bang.

Let’s get straight to it–does Spiderman 3 impress? Yes, it’s an awesome movie! Fun-filled, action-packed and doses of comedy; it’s a movie you shouldn’t miss.

However, it’s essential that you watch the first two parts to understand this one.

So after two rocking stories, what’s the third one about? It’s about Ben Parker, how he died and who actually killed him. We all know that the original died in the first movie…but what if I tell you that’s not true? This is where the third installment takes off. The killer is still alive–and that killer is Marko Flint. Marko managed to run away from prison and escape from the police after which, unfortunately, he fell into a pit of sand. In order to sustain the suspense, I won’t give away any more!

What really forms the crux of this story is Spiderman’s transformation into ‘Dark Spiderman’. While Peter Parker struggles to come to terms with his life, its relationships, and his abilities, destiny seems to have something else in store for him. As his suit suddenly changes, it begins to change his behaviour and makes him more self-centred and overconfident. Trying to solve problems with his girlfriend Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), his best friend Harry Osborne and a co-worked named Eddie Brock, Peter is forced to deal with the bewitching powers of his new suit and protect the people he loves from two of the most dangerous villains–Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and Venom (Topher Grace).

Tobey Maguire sure was good-looking, as usual, and nerdy as ever. However, nobody would expect Tobey to end up the baddest boy in town. With a new and evil hairstyle, fresh costume–the actor seems rejuvenated even though it’s the third time he’s playing Spiderman. Make sure you watch out for his dancing–boy, can this Spidey move! Kirsten Dunst was a total bore. Yes, she looked hot, but her character was less enticing than in the previous two films. Other than screaming or being kidnapped, she had nothing more to do. James Franco, who played Green Goblin Jr., was totally hunky when he showed off his torso to the audience. He managed to bring out his character very well. Thomas Haden Church as Sandman was awesome. If you think he’s just another villain, you are wrong. He plays a pivotal role in the film. Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom plays a character trying to oust Peter from his job at the Daily Bugle. You might remember him from That 70’s Show (where he played Eric). This film is a complete turnaround from anything he’s done before, and he should receive loads of accolades. Overall, as mentioned before, Spiderman 3 makes each villain look damn good and irresistibly evil.

However, the film doesn’t score on all accounts. As mentioned earlier, Mary Jane’s character seemed half baked. Secondly, the plot is quite confusing. While some will enjoy it, there are too many twists and turns which would give the average person a headache.

Oh, and make sure not to get seats in the front three rows, even if you are dying to watch it! With so many special effects, a confusing plot…your head tilted back doesn’t help!

Though the plot can be confusing, it’s understandable especially if you’ve seen the first two films. Another area where the film was incredibly impressive was teh comic timing. It’s wonderful to see comedy woven into an out-and-out action movie so well. Also, the visual effects are noticeable but believable. The background score is brilliant and makes the movie an even better watch. It contributes to the dark and evil theme very well. The climax scene was undoubtedly a total knockout and the best part of the movie.

Overall, Spiderman 3 is style and substance rolled into one fantastic film. Don’t miss it!

Our Rating

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