Sridevi says she’s a big fan of Meryl Streep

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Sridevi has recently stated in an interview during the India Today Women’s Summit that she would love to emulate the successful career of Oscar winning actress Meryl Steep. “I am a big fan of Meryl Streep. I have never planned my career. I chose those films with which I could relate myself. But if given a chance, I would love to do the kind of roles Meryl Streep has done.”

Sridevi, who made a successful comeback last year with English Vinglish, also said that she considers the film industry to have gone through many changes, given the fact that scripts and technology have become mature. “Things are changing now. Audience, technology and script have become matured. Audience want to watch heroine-oriented films and even writers are writing scripts for women. I am very happy to see this change.”

At the summit, Sridevi also mentioned how much she enjoys being a mother to her two daughters. “Being a mother is the most beautiful thing happened to me. I am enjoying every bit of it. My husband is very supportive. I lead a very normal life. I even go to fish market to get fish for my daughters.”

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