Sridevi will soon be on Silver Screen again!

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A few articles ago we told you that Sridevi was coming back to the Silver Screen. But, to only just jump up and down because it was just a guest appearance. But now, you may commence to do a few full leaps. Because this time we mean she is coming back as a leading lady!

Sridevi was one of the superstars of the 70s and 80s, whose film presence was amazing, as well as her acting talent and her dancing ability. Whenever the beautiful actress came into the shot, she always stole the scene. Married to Boney Kapoor, a well-known film producer and with two daughters she has not been seen at the Cineplex in 10 years.

Now, she ready to make a comeback and her husband will be producing the film. The film has been in the works for a while and is going to bring the beautiful actress back in full style. Kapoor is scouting out locations for the film and in fact, he just came back from a 5-week tour in the US and Russia.

Boney Kapoor has confirmed the film and says, “We’re certainly putting together a project that will hopefully do full justice to Sri’s comeback.”

It is very exciting news that Sridevi will soon be shining on the screen again and we eagerly await this wonderful actress’s comeback!

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