SRK and his new muse, Anushka Sharma!

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Shah Rukh Khan is known for never uttering a bad word about anyone. In fact, he is always full of praise and gratitude to God, his family, co-stars, friends and of course, his loyal fan base. The same is for his new muse, the nineteen year old Anushka Sharma. In a recent interview, he was all praise for the debutant.

“To be really honest, when I met Anushka I felt that she’s got an amazing amount of confidence…she’s a very pretty girl,” he said.

In his only major flick that is releasing this year, Shah Rukh plays a simpleton by the name of Suri who believes in hard work and plain living. After working in the industry for over a decade now, Shah Rukh believes that working with the fresh new talent helps him improve his acting skills too.

“I think I am from a different generation and maybe I am getting a little old fangled, maybe I am getting what people call stylized and mannerised in my acting,” he explained.

While his fans would gasp at this statement, he believes that Sharma helped him by being different.

“I would say she has kept me on my toes and I think she has done a wonderful job because we really needed a new character for this film.”

The promotions had been cut down to a minimum for the last two weeks as the Chopra-Khan tag team did not feel it was correct to publicize their movie with such hoo-haa when the country was mourning over the latest 26/11 attacks. On a happier note, ask him if there really is an Aditya Chopra because he is never seen nor heard. Why the secretive lifestyle?

Of course he laughs before replies, “Well, Adi is a cool guy. He’s always busy with work. He comes back home from work after midnight, at one o’clock maybe and plays games till five in the morning…I know him the best, Karan knows him best of all…but we don’t get to meet him.”

SRK is always full of great answers, and definitely knows how to keep his audiences hooked!

Well, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is now out ladies and gentlemen! So do watch it and see if SRK has done justice to his maiden solo release this year.

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