SRK Driving Other Men Wild!

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Fan of Shahrukh Khan; Vishal Singh is someone whos entire world revolves around his favourite actor. Vishel has even legally changed his name from Vishal Singh to Vishahrukh Khan. Vishahrukh’s homeopathy company is called ShahRukh Khan Force while his bungalow is called ShahRukh Khan Palace. “I have ShahRukh Khan’s pictures on every possible surface in my house, from plates to the television screen, on cupboards and even in my bathroom,” says Vishahrukh.

Mustaq Sheikh, author and close friend of Srk says; “There’s this crazy fan from Lucknow who has shocked us with his obsession for SRK. He has been a fanatic SRK fan for a long time now.”

The crazed fan drove all the way from his home town in Lucknow to Mumbai with his pregnant wife so that she could be blessed by Srk.

The staff at Mannat invited both Vishal and his wife inside into the Khan’s house. When Srk returned from his shoot he was pleased to meet Vishal but at the same time scolded for traveling a long distance with his pregnant wife. Instead he advised that Vishal should have arranged a more convenient meeting.

Yet he had full faith even before the journey started that it would be a success; “It was a Santro car and SRK endorses the brand, so there was nothing to worry about. At home, I only buy brands that Shah Rukh promotes.”

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