SRK gives Shobha De an earful

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Koel Puri is not only one heck of an actress, but also a great television host. She has her own talk show, “On the couch with Koel,” on which she sits with celebrities, big and small, for a small tete-a-tete on a weekly basis. This week, our very own King Khan was called on the couch to talk Rab Ne, religion, politics and family.

The conversation heated up when Koel informed him that popular Indian author Shobha De was “disappointed” when SRK made no comments in reaction to the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks. SRK was quick to react and in his defense went on to call the writer “a joke.” Additionally, he claimed that wearing her “designer saris, sitting in her Marine Drive home cannot sit and make such cynical remarks…she just wants to sell her designer saris.” Quite an earful for Mrs. De from the actor who rarely speaks a mean word against anyone. Just to jog your memory, SRK and Shobha De have had some tension in the past too which obviously hasn’t resolved yet. All we have to say is double ouch — one ouch for Shobha’s comment about SRK and another ouch for the rebuttal SRK offered in his defense to her statement against him!

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