SRK takes care of Lara Dutta

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Filming Billo Barber, it was never going to be easy to find the accommodation suitable for former Miss Universe and co-star Lara Dutta in the remote hills of Tamil Nadu. However, Shah Rukh Khan is said to have gone out of his way to make her as comfortable as possible. Lara, incidentally will also be appearing in SRK’s imminent Temptations Reloaded Tour and she’s no doubt looking forward to some similar treatment on tour!

Lara seems to be enjoying life at the moment and has no permanent attachments, having broken up with her boyfriend Kelly Dorji. “I’m blissfully single,” she says, “There’s no one whom I’m even remotely interested in. And I’m in no hurry. After nine years, I’m alone. And I’m enjoying it”

Lara has just finished shooting for Blue with Akshay Kumar in the Bahamas, where she had an amazing time swimming with dolphins, even at one stage balancing on the noses of two of them. “I love working with Akshay,” she says, “He makes me do the craziest things. If you”ve seen Bhagam Bhag, you’d know what I mean.”

Lara has a full schedule at the moment. One of the most interesting of her projects will undoubtedly be the remake of Devdas. “Sudhir Mishra’s Devdas isn’t really a period film,” she explains, “It’s very literate and layered and I’d have to dig really deep into myself to play Paro. She is a dark, ambitious and self-destructive character.”

She’s also in Banda Yeah Bindaas Hai with Govinda. This is a remake of Hollywood’s My Cousing Vinny and the sight of Lara Dutta as Marisa Tomei’s heart-of-gold hard-edged character in a tight leather miniskirt is going to cause a lot of extra work for the national Indian cardiac arrest response unit.

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