SRK’s Bodyguard Gets Life

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Shahrukh Khan’s former bodyguard 28-year-old Yatendra Chauhan has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his colleague 32-year-old Chandrapratap Singh on August 14th, 2006. Both were posted outside SRK’s home, Mannat, at the time and SRK was in residence. The guards worked for the security agency Tops Group.

At 12:20am, apparently Singh and another guard, Lakhan, were patrolling around the bungalow when they came across Chauhan sleeping. “You sleep on duty despite taking home a salary of Rs 15,000,” Singh accused Chauhan. An argument ensued with Singh making fun of Chauhan’s gun which he claimed wouldn’t work because it was rusty. The argument ended with Chauhan putting his gun to Singh’s chest and saying “This is how my gun works,” before shooting him. Singh was unarmed.

Lakhan called for help on his intercom and the guard was rushed to Bhabha Hospital but died before arriving. Chauhan escaped with his gun and drifted through the night. After reaching his Khar home in the morning, he was arrested by police.

Chauhan’s lawyer argued that as he shot in anger, he should only be convicted of culpable homicide (manslaughter). However, the prosecution argued that Chauhan was licensed to carry a gun and understood the consequences of using it. The judge agreed finding him guilty of murder.

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