Star Kids… give someone else a chance!

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Oh, woe is me. Every upstart director has been claiming star children like tigers on the prowl in the land of Bollywood. Is it too much to ask for a fresh face around here? Every time I read an interview, some oldie star is introducing their child while some “famous” director is gasping for breath trying to launch them. Woe indeed.

Pray tell, where are the fresh faces? Where is the rags-to-riches story that was so charming back in the era of Jaya Bhaduri? Did anyone know of Jaya before she was launched? No, and what a discovery she was: Fresh, natural with complete innocence that bowled over audiences. I miss that and I think I’m not alone.

Even our current King Khan was unknown before Baazigar happened. That’s one of the most appealing characteristics of SRK- he is of the bourgeoisie (well, was) and he gives those thousands of men, women and children hope that they can make it in this charming jungle called Bollywood too. With star kids overcrowding every launch, every interview, every news, that hope is sadly dwindling

Not to say that we don’t have our stars that made it through without godfathers. Vidya Balan (thank you for Parineeta) is one of those that give those afflicted with Bollywood syndrome hope that yes, they too can be on the front cover of Filmfare. However, she is of the minority. Star kids are overcrowding the scene. I mean, just because star A is talented doesn’t mean his child will be the crowning glory of 2007. Take for instance, Tusshar Kapoor. His father, Jumping Jack Jeetendra, was one of the biggest heartthrobs back in the 70’s. He made all of my aunties and female relatives swoon. Can his son boast the same? Well, as much as a wet noodle can make a person swoon. Not much.

I, along with others, would like to see fresh faces; those of the minority who have made it through hard work and perseverance against the camps of Bollywood. We pray for more Vidya Balans and SRKs who rise against these odds. For now, I will grimace watching some star children trying to imitate their parents’ footsteps. Woe is me.

Star kids? Have your say!

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