Star Stylista Vs Fashion Sinner – Part 5

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This week in Bollywood has been a busy week with many stars out and about promoting their upcoming movies, or attending various events and parties thus giving us the perfect opportunity to see if they have put as much effort into their outfits as they have getting clicked by cameras.

Karishma Kapoor who was spotted at the EPL race and Giantii fashion show in Mahalaxmi Race Course looking very fashionable. Her outfit is perfect for a day out at the races; everything from the pretty, statement necklace to her Chanel handbag goes perfectly with her trendy blouse and knee length skirt. Karishma is looking trendy and sophisticated making her the perfect choice for this week’s Star Stylista!

Although it is great to see Rani Mukerjee getting ready to appear on the big screen with her upcoming movie No One killed Jessica, it is not nice to see that she still has not improved her fashion sense. Rani was spotted at Radio City promoting her upcoming movie and I have to say I am not impressed with her take on the casual look. I am not sure where to begin with Rani’s look; the scarf looks odd paired with that top, the sandals do not look right and the jeans are too ripped. She had the beginnings of a possibly bearable outfit; perhaps if she had not opted for that scarf the outfit would not have looked so bad and made her this weeks Fashion Sinner.

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