Star’s Reactions to Health Minister Proclamation

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A couple days back we posted an article about the health minister requesting actors and actresses in Bollywood to stop drinking on screen. Now we have reactions from those in Bollywood themselves.

Abhay Deol : “We’re in the business of filmmaking. Films are about people. And there are all sorts of people and stories out there. Maybe for some, ignorance is bliss but I feel its better to be informed. And besides, aren’t we a democracy?”

Shekhar Ravjiani : “Well, the way I see it is that there are many more things to tackle than this issue. On-screen drinking has been shown in Bollywood since many years. People are not crazy to put these scenes on purpose. It’s a script requirement, a character requirement. But if the health minister thinks by putting a stop to this will help, I see no harm. It better help.”

Vishal Dadlani : “I think they should stop picking on easy targets, and find some real issues to tackle. They just seem to be trying to get easy publicity by attacking the entertainment business. You can always tell when elections are around the corner by the increased frequency and vehemence of this sort of silliness!”

Vikram Bhatt : “The film industry seems like the easiest way to make headlines. When in need of headlines flog the films!”

Deepak Tijori: “Please find him some work so that it can keep him occupied over more important issues rather than digging pot holes for the Film Industry. It is just a ploy to remain in news and get more publicity.

Nisha Rawal : “Well I feel that suppression provokes aggression. Moreover, films are inspired by reality. Does no one from the health ministry drink?”

Manoj Tyagi : “Rather than being the so called moral guardians for the society, how about them looking within and curbing corruption and inflation. Also how about improving general public health services? Cooper, a free hospital doesn’t have an ICU!”

Sophie Chodhry: “According to them, the people and youth of our country have no mind of their own. They only follow whatever we do in films especially the so called ‘bad’ habits. Don’t you think its ridiculous to underestimate our people so much. And isn’t it unfair to always make films the scapegoat?”

Farah Khan: “Dear Mr. Ramadoss, what next? Should Superman stop flying because kids will imitate him? Should all heist films be banned next because people will start robbing banks? If all in our country imitated films then hockey should have become the favorite sport after Chak De India and really after watching Gandhi, our nation should have become non violent. It’s very presumptuous of you to think that films only influence wrongly. You don’t tell us how to do our job Mr. Ramadoss and we won’t tell you how to do yours.”

Clearly the stars agree that certain aspects to film making that should not be messed with. The Hindi cinema audience is not that impressionable. If anything they desire quality work from the filmmakers as they desire quality health care and facilities from those in the Health Ministry.

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