Steamy Hindi Movies

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It’s that time again readers, winter is officially here. Spare us the horror of keeping cuddly the old fashioned way. Hot chocolate and marshmallows, are a thing of the past. To help keep the heat on and stay that way, BollySpice has put together a list of the most passionate, steamy, hot, sexiest Hindi movies and love scenes. Gone are the days where viewers had to use their imagination when a love scene was being enacted. The eighties and nineties were all about dancing flowers and birds flying when love making was about to happen. Cut to the twenty first century and actors have shed their inhibitions, decided to take the plunge and give you some sweaty and sensual love making sessions. We suggest you keep the window open and a glass of water nearby cause it’s about to get really hot in here!

If we are talking “garam-garam” then perhaps one of the movies that generates intense heat with the mere mention of its title is the Bipasha Basu and John Abraham starrer Jism. Who can forget the countless amounts of sensual intimate scenes between John and Bipasha as they committed sin after sin in this psychological love story. The enticing Bipasha is at her sexy best as she lures John into her bedroom and dreams, making him drool and fall at her feet while she walks around in sparse clothes making him and other men ogle and drool. Song after song we are witnesses to hunky Abraham long for and want Basu. There is even a scene where the real-life couple takes to the beach adding the sand and water to their sexy play. If any movie was an epitome for sexy scenes, Jism takes the crown on that one.

How can we talk about love making scenes and not include the serial kisser Emraan Hashmi and his muse Mallika Sherawat. Murder introduced us to Emraan Hashmi, reintroduced us to Mallika Sherawat and created a fan base for Kunal Ganjawala as he crooned “bheege hont tere.” But more importantly, Murder showed us how hot Mallika Sherawat can look in a sari while she is being seduced by lover boy Emraan Hashmi. The duo left no place untouched as they romanced, and how, on building tops, in elevators, beaches and swimming pools with spectacular views. Sherawat and Hashmi enact the role of forbidden lovers whose desperation and want for each other create passionate and intense love scenes. If that wasn’t enough, watching Sherawat’s sari being unwrapped by Hashmi caused sweat beads to fall and made quite a stir.

While Jism and Murder were both declared revenue generators, Paap failed to generate much moolah at the box office. However, the movie did have some excitable scenes between sex symbol John Abraham and the sizzling Udita Goswami. Udita plays a girl who is bought up to believe in abstinence but with the introduction of John, her beliefs all crash and burn and her desire to have and want him increase by the minute. Udita’s bare back and love making scenes with John made the grapevine burn with hype and gossip. The movie was extensively shot in the cold mountains of Ladakh but the sinful sex scenes between John and Udita created scorching temperatures and caused many a jaw to drop for this newcomer.

There have been some smaller sensual scenes in movies that were not just skin show. Salaam Namaste gave us the popular track “My Dil Goes Hmmm…” which showed Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan doing the deed towards the end of the song in style instead of sleaze. Shabd showed Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Sanjay Dutt in a legitimate scene of love between husband and wife. It sure caused a stir as we saw the hunky Dutt turn on the usually shy Rai. Recently, we saw latest fashionista Priyanka Chopra also go all out while she romanced both Arbaaz Khan and Arjan Bawja in this year’s Diwali release Fashion. While the Bawja-Chopra session was pretty romantic, the Khan-Chopra love session was anything but that.

So there you have it – some of the most exciting and sexy Hindi movies and scenes that can turn on the heat. We could go on and on, but for now we’ll stop here and let you breathe. So, this winter if you find yourself feeling cold and in the need for some warmth, abandon the blanket and fire place. Instead, grab a copy of any of the above movies, we guarantee heat in crazy amounts!

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