Still Searching for Hrithik’s Next Co-Star

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The search continues for a co-star for Hrithik Roshan in Anurag Basu’s next film. Basu and producer Rakesh Roshan are having a difficult time finding the perfect girl and one reason is that the character is a very bold one.

Originally, there were rumors swirling that Deepika Padukone was going to be in the film but then it was decided that she was not right for the part. The other debutante actress of last year, Sonam Kapoor, has also been talked about as a possibility but Hrithik feels the role is not for her either.

Hrithik said, “I’d love to work with Sonam, but not on this project. The role doesn’t do justice to her. We’re looking at someone from abroad, someone Latin American or Brazilian.”

Rakesh Roshan agreed, “It’ll be a Spanish speaking girl. We want to show love has no barriers.”

Since they are looking for a Spanish-speaking girl, another name that has been reported in connection with the project is Bruna Abdullah,a Channel V anchor. However, Basu says, “I don’t deny meeting her, like we’ve met so many other girls for the part. But Bruna hasn’t been finalised. But it’ll surely be an international face.”

Adding, “We’ve looked at many names, known and new in Bollywood. But that ‘it’ factor eludes us. I’m getting quite jittery. The girl’s role is extremely bold. Actually, we’ve decided to cast someone international, preferably Brazilian, because that’s the personality and profile of the leading lady in my film.”

We will keep you up to date on who is finally chosen to Salsa with Hrithik so check back here often!

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