“Striker has all the emotions life bestows in us” – Padmapriya

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New talent and fresh blood in a film always makes the film ten times more exciting, and the debut of the gorgeous Padmapriya gives you yet another reason to check out this Friday’s release, Chandan Arora’s Striker. The award winning actress finally is gracing Hindi cinema screens with a very unconventional debut that is a must watch. As she gears up to win your hearts this Friday, she takes a moment to exclusively talk to BollySpice about life, films and Striker!

How did you land your role in Striker?

Being part of the same fraternity, Siddharth suggested my name to Chandan Arora, and that’s how the ball got rolling.

Tell us a bit about your character Madhu?

Madhu is a bar owner, a Kohli girl, a woman who exudes superlative energy, warmth, and sense of humor that is very naive but is very mature, businesslike and real at the same time. She shares a very unique space with the protagonist Surya, and I think it’s been a revelation to play Madhu in context of Striker.

What was it about the script and the role that attracted you most to the project?

The conviction and vision of the director, and the placement of the characters and the cast.

Were you hesitant to debut in Hindi cinema in a multi-starrer film like Striker?

I didn’t want my debut to be superlatively over hyped but at the same time it is something people can just not miss. My last big hit was Pazhassi Raja with heavy weights of Malayalam and Tamil film industry. I had a total of 12 scenes but one of the reasons the film is doing well is because of the placement and delivery of my character. I am proud, super confident and hardly insecure to have Striker as a starter in Bollywood.

You’ve been acting for quite some time now but have steered clear of Hindi cinema until this film. Why is that?

I have been in the industry for just 3.5 years, done 31 films across 4 languages, delivering some of the toughest films. I haven’t steered clear, just that there is time and space for everything.

How was it working with the cast, and with whom did you have the most interaction with?

My character interacts with Zaid (played by Ankul Vikal who is a friend of Siddharth/Surya in the film) and Surya (Siddharth) mostly. For me shooting for Striker was like entering a fairyland, delivering and receiving the best impulses every actor craves for. I have done some of the best in Indian cinema with some of the most experienced, but Striker in short was a magical experience.

Any memorable moment from the set you’d like to share?

Too magical to pinpoint.

What was the experience like to shoot with director Chandan Arora?

He is any actor’s delight, super sure of what he wants but still allowing his environment to render that extra zing and lack of surety. He understand space very well and his sensitivity lends a touch that creates very unique moments. It’s a pleasure to submit to him

Did you find that the working style up North was different or much the same as Southern cinema?

No, at the end it’s cinema. All you need is a camera, a story, actors, a director and the paraphernalia that comes with it, of course not to miss the generous load of passion that creates it at the first place.

Do you look forward to more Hindi films in the future or are you returning to South cinema?

Definitely. I love the language.

What do you look for in your roles?

A role that is possibly furthest away from my previous roles.

Are there any historical roles in Indian cinema which you would have loved to have a chance to recreate on screen? If so which ones and why?

I wouldn’t like to be a part of a recreation, but if I do, it should be created uniquely so i can truly lend to it as an actor than it being merely inspirational.

What are some of the movies in recent times you’ve enjoyed and what was it about them that you most enjoyed?

Sean Penn starrer Milk. Watch it to know why!

You’ve had quite an interesting background with army heritage and experience in the finance world. How did all this effect your decision to enter films?

I have no clue. Some questions have no definite answers> I am here because I was meant to be here. That may be too heavy to hear, but it’s so true!

You’ve been extensively trained in classical dancing, has this aided your acting career?

Not really. I have to keep trying hard to break the body language that classical dancing lends to my body. What it has given me is confidence and a certain sort of feel free approach in front of the camera.

Coming back to Striker now, why do you think it’s the must watch movie this season?

Because it’s a very well made film and has all the emotions and entertainment that life bestows us with, most importantly the hope of living on…did I miss Siddharth? How could I? I have seen most of his films, but it will be tough for him to move beyond the standards he has set in this film for himself. He is a definite watch.

She may have just given us two reasons to catch this Friday’s release Striker, but another reason to plan this trip to your nearest cinema is to catch this talented lady make her debut. We’re sure it’s an event not to be missed!

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