Striker is my best performance till date – Siddharth

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The Telugu super star soon to have his second release in Hindi cinema is perhaps one actor who gets asked the same question over and over again. Siddharth has been answering questions of his disappearance from Hindi cinema and his choices in films perhaps in every magazine in tabloid.

His most common response to why he didn’t jump to one of the many offers that came his way after RDB is that he didn’t want anything mediocre but something as phenomenal, if not more, than Rang De Basanti. “I’ve done only nine films in nine years, so that itself shows how choosy I am. I’ve invested a lot in Striker and I would like to tell my fans to come for this film with not just high but very high expectations,” said the ever so confident actor to Times of India. Speaking about his role in Striker, the actor said that he had to interact with locals of Malwani to understand body language and style properly. In fact, the actor actually lived in Malwani for a few weeks.

Striker is all about carrom and dares to release in an industry where most sport films are centred around cricket, but Siddharth knows that every audience member will relate to the sport and theme. “I think everybody, in their childhood at least, has played carrom, so that connect is there. Also, this film is about the game on a very basic level, otherwise it is the story of an underdog, a story of the triumph of the human spirit over odds,” says Siddharth.

However the winning statement of the whole interview was that Siddharth indeed considers this to be his best work till date. With a Best Actor trophy in his kitty down South, directing and acting experience with Mani Ratnam and an upcoming film with a National Award winner, Siddharth truly does make Striker stand out of his filmography by saying that it is his best performance yet. So be sure to catch Siddh’s phenomenal performance in this Friday’s release Striker. The film will be at a cinema near you or if not be sure to subscribe to Studio 18 on Youtube to watch the film premiere on Youtube the same time as its theatrical release!

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