Subha Hone Na De – Desi Boyz

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We have a brand new look at the the boyz of Desi Boyz, John Abraham and Akshay Kumar, in the song ‘Subah Hone Na De’. A song that is club in essence with an extra touch that is laid down by the incredible vocals of Mika and Shefali Alvares.

Talking recently about the film, Akshay said, “It’s mostly a drama-driven film, which shows how difficult it is for men to put food on the table at a time of economic crisis.The story is about two men, played by John and me, who live in the UK and subsequently lose their jobs due to the recession. It’s then that they take up the oldest profession in the world, escort service, to earn money. John and I play escorts who dress up like cricketers or firemen to please the ladies. It’s like a fancy dress competition.”

Check out Akshay aka Rocco and John aka Hunter’s Hero moves!

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