Subhash Ghai on Black and White

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Subhash Ghai’s new film Black and White opens in theaters this Friday. The dramatic film about a terrorist who is pulled between his beliefs and society stars Anil Kapoor, Shefali Chhaya, Aditi Sharma, and newcomer Anurag Sinha.

Ghai said, “Even if a person is a terrorist, he is first a human. My film is about the clash of two beliefs – the civil society and the terrorist ideology. It will show that even a terrorist, who is groomed to die, suffers from pangs of guilt and indecision before committing his act of violence.”

About newcomer Anuarg Sinha, the veteran director praised him saying “I wanted a new face to carry off this role and when I screen-tested him [he’s an FTII graduate], I knew I had found the face for this role. When I launched Jackie [Shroff] in Hero, I had a tough time explaining the basics of acting to him. But it was easier with Anurag. He knew what the role was, he prepared his notes, he would come on the sets completely prepared. He’s an incredible actor, watch out for him.”

Ghai who is known for his huge productions says that this film is different, “I don’t think people should expect too much from this film. It is a humble presentation and humble work by a new boy and girl in the film. People should not expect this to be a huge film. But yes, it is a huge concept for sure. It’s a good story and a great drama. It is not a big canvas film. It’s like drama that entertains you.”

Adding, “It is unlike my other films which have been full of colours in the real sense. BAW tackles with reality and reality is different from a dream. It is harsh and hard hitting. But then you soften it down once you understand.”

The film is very special to Ghai and he said that, “I wanted to make something that promotes secularism. I wanted to show that we can mutually co-exist. Innocent people are getting killed in this political and ideological war.”

“It’s an expression of my mind that has come out from my heart,” he added.

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