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So far, 2008 has been quite dull in the cinematic arena however Rohit Shetty (maker of Golmaal) returns to the screen with his second comic treat. Apart from being a comedy, Sunday also carries themes of mystery and action.

There are many directors out there who attempt to make comedies nowadays but as you all may have noticed a lot of them seem to get carried away with it and what ends up on screen is a three hour long epic of painful and dragged out nonsense, slapstick humor, and sheer waste of screen time! Priyadarshan stands out as one of the few who have captured the essence of ‘comedy’ and deliver it with style along with an intriguing storyline. On watching Sunday, I can say that Rohit Shetty is fully capable of joining the ranks of those that have the genre down! He managed to keep the comedy to a reasonable level that made you laugh your heart out yet didn’t make you cringe. A shout out to all comedy filmmakers, a story is needed and a film cannot just have brainless jokes. Learn the trick from Rohit Shetty’s Sunday!

Sunday is an engrossing tale about Saher (Ayesha Takia) who is a dubbing artist in Delhi. It’s a normal occurrence in her life to forget her keys, an address, phone numbers, etcetera etcetera! However things go to a whole new level when she cannot remember a whole day and night! Now that is not normal. Whilst unexplainable events unfold she meets ACP Rajvir (Ajay Devgan) who is a corrupt police officer however with a good heart. Rajvir and Sehar have been set up in an arranged relationship by their respective families however upon meeting they do not click. But after the series of mysterious events in Sehar’s life start to unfold she is forced to seek Rajvir’s help in order to uncover the happenings of that particular Sunday. The rest of Sunday is the story of what exactly happened in that particular missing day of Saher’s life.

That is the very brief synopsis of the movie however the real magic in the storyline is when you meet all the characters that Saher meets while trying to uncover the truth. There’s Ballu (Arshad Warsi) the mysterious taxi driver that keeps bugging her for his taxi fair which she knows nothing of. Along with Ballu comes his friend Kumar (Irfan Khan) who is forever attending auditions to try his luck in the movie world. All these characters are connected to the happenings of that one night and day though you must seek to find their links to what may have happened. Highly interesting!

Sunday‘s main asset is its’ apt screenplay that carries not a single dull moment. Rohit Shetty manages to keep his audience’s full attention throughout the movie. The screenplay simply keeps you guessing and by the end of it you just cannot wait to find out what happened on that Sunday!

Ajay Devgan delivers an amazing performance and reminds us all of the talent that he has. The actor has been around for a while and is yet to get his due respect. Sunday is the perfect display of his versatility. He is a complete natural whether he’s romancing the leading lady, cracking jokes with the supporting cast or beating the hell out of the villains! A sound performance!

Like countless comedies in Indian cinema today Sunday manages to keep the leading lady in the story line and the gorgeous Ayesha Takia gets ample scope to showcase her ever growing talent! The actress not only looks absolutely striking in her new toned self but also delivers a marvelous performance. She is completely natural in comic as well as romantic and emotional sequences! Dor was merely the beginning of the showcase of Ayesha Takia’s acting abilities! We can only hope and pray that there is much more to come from this bundle of talent!

Its old news that both Arshad and Irfan simply shake the screen in whatever role they may slip into! However both actors are still immensely underrated! Arshad is a complete natural in comedy as we all know. Irfan on the other hand has only recently started exploring the comic side of him. His performance was loved by all in Metro when we all saw him for the very first time in a new light. Sunday is a further treat for all those who love the light hearted side of Irfan Khan. Also the actor needs to be specially commended on his brilliant and hilarious impersonations throughout the movie. We hope to see more comic treats from this fine actor!

A special mention needs to be made to choreographer Ganesh Acharaya and his marvelous work in Esha Deol’s item number! It’s not everyday that a choreographer makes an item number look hot and sexy without making it look B Grade! Ganesh Acharaya provides this rare treat with this song! Esha is looking spectacular and the choreography is fresh and stimulating. We need to experiment more often with new styles of choreography and further explore the arenas of props, stage and costumes! Kudos to Ganesh for doing such a superior job!

On the whole Sunday is a brilliant entertainer that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s a full package entertainer with comedy, action, romance and suspense. You will not go home disappointed for sure with so many genres in one movie to cater for audiences of all likings. A definite must watch this season!

Our Rating

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