Sunny Leone flags off Ragini MMS-2 branded auto rickshaws

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Rickshaw wallahs in Mumbai were excited as Sunny Leone was in Andheri flagging off the rickshaws that will carry special Ragini MMS-2 branding. ‘Ragini ka naya MMS dekha kya?’, ‘Ragini yahaan baithi thi’, ‘Do mein zyaada mazaa hai’ are among the messages that have been plastered across 7000 rickshaws in Mumbai and Delhi. Needless to mention, these will ply across the cities, further accentuating the film’s visibility.

“We had done this during Ragini MMS back in 2011 and the feedback had been overwhelming. Scores of others aped us subsequently. Sunny enjoys unprecedented popularity among the masses and the Ragini franchise reaches out to the lowest common denominator,” says Tanuj Garg, CEO – Balaji Motion Pictures.

14mar_SunnyRaginiRickshaw01 14mar_SunnyRaginiRickshaw02 14mar_SunnyRaginiRickshaw03 14mar_SunnyRaginiRickshaw04 14mar_SunnyRaginiRickshaw05 14mar_SunnyRaginiRickshaw06 14mar_SunnyRaginiRickshaw07

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