Super Hero Dad: Akshay Dubs for Transformers

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While western movies maintain their popularity all over the world, Hollywood films are recognizing the need to make English-speaking films more accessible in India. And what better way to do than than enlisting Bollywood star Akshay Kumar to dub the voice of Optimus Prime in Transformers 3. While there are already countless English films dubbed in Hindi, the film will make a greater impact with an A-list Bollywood star lending his voice.

As the machine leader of the autobots, Optimus Prime’s voice must be commanding and other-worldly. For this reason, the head of the Transformers franchise was personally interested in recruiting Akshay for the job.

As for the star himself there is also a personal interest. “I wanted to do it for my nine-year-old school-going son who introduced me to movies like Transformers, Superman and Spiderman,” Akshay tells sources. In fact he will be taking the job free of cost. When asked if this will be an ongoing gig for him, Akshay responds, “I don’t want to do dub for every other Hollywood movie. If something excites Aarav again, we’ll see.” I guess some jobs are more important than money. “Now, I’m Aarav’s superhero,” Akshay glows.

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