Supermodel Vipasha to make a comeback!

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Vipasha Agarwal who made quite an impression with her debut film I See You was very clear at the outset that she had no interest in sticking around. The supermodel was not actively pursuing a film career and had decided that I See You would be a one-time thing.

The supermodel got married to photographer Vishesh Verma and disappeared for a span of just a year, but now it seems she has arrived on the Mumbai scene raring to get back into her modelling career! “I’ve opened up a bit now. But bikini shots are still a no-no. I chose to move on with real life, got married and now I’m happy doing selective modelling work,” she was quoted saying to leading media outlet.

Vipasha also may be reconsidering her film career. When asked about films she definitely didn’t deny the prospects, however didn’t divulge any more information because she didn’t want to jinx the projects.

Here’s wishing Vipasha all the best for her 2nd innings in B-Town!

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