Sushmita miffed with SRK

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Ex-Miss Universe Sushmita Sen was caught making quite a controversial statement this year at the Filmfare Awards. When she was asked to comment on the change in hosts this year, she commented, “We won’t miss Shah Rukh and Saif. We don’t look back, we look forward.” This statement caused raised quite a few eyebrows within the industry and amongst fans.

Apparently, there is trouble brewing in the Sushmita-Shah Rukh friendship. Rumors have it that Sen is upset with SRK as he has delayed the release of her forthcoming Dulha Mil Gaya directed by “close friend” Muddasar Aziz. On the other hand, SRK too is upset with the producer of the movie, Vivek Vaswani who is promoting the film based on the single scene that SRK will be making a special appearance in. This caused the normally professional King Khan to refuse to shoot the scene, causing a delay in the films release.

Sushmita is naturally upset as she has not had a release in a while now and was looking forward to seeing herself on the big screen after a hiatus. While she has not accepted nor denied the situation, she did make her feelings known through her declaration at the award ceremony. Hopefully the situation is sorted out quick and Dulha Mil Gaya will see daylight of its release.

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