Taare Zameen Par Finished

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Aamir Khan has completed all the postproduction work for his directional debut film Taare Zameen Par.

On his blog Aamir wrote: “Have finally crossed all the ””t””s and dotted all the ””i””s… I think.

Have just reached home after completing the last bit of work on the film. I cannot believe it is finally over. Will be checking the print in a couple days, I hope there wont be any technical delays. The last one month has been killing. Can’t wait for it to release now.”

He also took the time to talk a bit about the film: “TZP is a film about children, NOT a children”s film. It is aimed primarily at parents, and potential parents. Youngsters who in a few years will become parents. Of course since it is about an 9 year old boy I expect that kids around 8 years and above will identify with the boy and find the film engaging, moving and uplifting. I have no idea how kids below 8 years will react to the film. Sure there are some fun moments for them like a couple of animation sequences, and the BUM BUM BOLE song, which I believe is a hot favourite with little kids, but in esssence the film speaks to an 8 years and above audience.”

Adding, “In my opinion it is THE most important film on children to come out of India. I mean in its content. How you all will like it I have no idea, but what I can say is that it has changed the way that I looked at my kids. And mind you, I think that I am a good father. In fact it changed the way that I look at all children.

As we take on the burdens of adulthood we often gradually distance ourselves from our children, even our own childhood. This script brought it all back into sharp focus for me.

I hope it does the same for you.”

Look for Taare Zameen Par when it releases on December 21st! We know we will be in line to see it first day!

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