Taare Zameen Par on its way to being Super-Hit

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Taare Zameen Par, the incredibly moving film by actor/director Aamir Khan has continued on its golden run at the box office and is looking to be the next super hit. In fact the film has made an amazing RS 770 million in just four weeks at the theaters and that is only counting receipts in India. If it continues on this track it might even surpass the amount taken in by the Shah Rukh starrer, Om Shanti Om.

Old and young alike are praising the film for its beautiful story and it has bought many a moviegoer to tears. (This reporter included). Both Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani and veteran director Lekh Tandon wept while watching the film.

Tandon said, “Aamir has proved in Taare Zameen Par that a movie sans commercial trappings, ‘masala’ ingredients and no heroine can also be a box-office success provided the content mix is correct. Plus, the maker must remain faithful to the script. It is Aamir’s courage of conviction that runs through the movie – unobtrusively.”

In America the film is also doing outstanding business and at the end of the film it is receiving a standing ovation. In the second weekend alone it had all ready netted 1.45 million US dollars in the US and West Asia. This makes it an even bigger hit than Chak De! India in the US. Siddharth Roy Kapur of UTV said, “Looking at the response of the film we are certain that it will be one of the top four Hindi films from India in the US”.

Shariq Hamid, owner of FunAsia, a multiplex chain in the US, said, “Every once in a while you are taken aback by a movie. It is a rare experience, especially coming from Bollywood. The movie is one of the best ones to come out of the Bollywood factory.”

The film, which recently won 6 Star Screen Awards, has been praised by all who have seen it. With all the positive feedback the film is getting from movie patrons it seems as if it will continue its dream run at the box office. And we were all worried because it has a slow start! Seems as if the films distribution team of PVR were correct in sending this text message to Aamir:

“Good evening Khan Saab, film is headed to be the BIGGEST GROSSERS of the year!”

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