Tabu Back in Chennai

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Bollywood actress Tabu is returning to Chennai to make Raja Leelai, a reinterpretation of her Bollywood horror movie Hawa. The film sees Tabu moving into a new isolated home with her younger brother, two daughters and a dog, where they are then attacked by an evil spirit.

Tabu’s next release, however, if likely to be Toh Baat Pakki, in which she plays an Emma-like character trying to find a suitable husband for her younger sister, Om Shanti Om actress Uvika Chaudhary. Uvika speaks highly of the director of the movie, Kedar Shinde. “Kedar is a very talented person and has a huge body of work in regional cinema with a number of Marathi hit films in his kitty,” she says, “Besides this, he has an amazing skill of story telling. I remember whenever he used to narrate the scene; he actually used to show me how to enact it with lot of zeal which was so amazing. It’s a very rare skill that people possess.”

It’s been a year since Tabu made her last movie and her fans will be anxious to see how she looks in Toh Baat Pakhi. “Tabu is considered to be one of the finest actress in tinsel town today,” explains a source for the movie, “And after a gap of almost one year, Tabu will return with a fresh and new look in Toh Baat Pakki. The look she has donned in the film has not been witnessed before so far.”

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