Tamannaah in Remake of ‘Jab We Met’?

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Rumour has it that hot new Southern starlet, Tamannaah might be interested in appearing in the Kollywood remake of Jab We Met. “They have contacted me but I am yet to take a decision on it. I loved the original film and would love to do the Tamil version. But I just cannot dole out dates this year”.

The 18-year-old Sindhi girl from Mumbai is very busy at the moment. She’s just returned from six weeks in New York where she’s been shooting for Gandhi Krishna’s love story Ananthathandavam and a trip to Namibia for a song from Surya’s action adventure Ayan. She is another of the starlets that first hit the big time following last year’s super-smash hit Happy Days.

In an industry where glamour is at a premium, Tamannaah has gained respect for being cautious, “I think glamour is a perception and I am not against it. If there is skin show or a kissing scene, it has to be justified. I can’t titillate the audience just for the sake of doing it,” she says. “Mini skirts, shorts, and short tops are cool, but I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing a bikini. My parents should be able to come to the theatre and watch my films.”

Tamannaah is said to copying Asin in the development of her career. Asin didn’t get too involved in the party scene down South and focussed on her work before getting her big break in Bollywood opposite Aamir Khan. “I don’t party; nothing wrong in it but I have no time for it and would rather read a book or catch up on my sleep,” says Tamannaah, “The only do I have recently attended was the one at a Mumbai hotel, where my brother threw a small bash for my school friends and me when I turned 18.”

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