Tanisha Says Bye to Acting

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Unlike older sister Kajol, Tanisha Mukherjee’s acting career not only failed to take off but felt flat several times. Her debut film Shhh was a dud at the box-office and all her efforts to gain some credibility were met by poor critical reviews. While she is rarely heard of for her acting skills, her on-off relationship with Uday Chopra has kept her in the public eye for a while now. However, it seems that both the actors have finally decided that their relationship is a done-deal and have let that boat sail.

A friend of the actress let the cat out of the bag and claims that Tanisha has in fact found a “soul mate” in the form of an NRI businessman from London. While little details are known about the mystery man, Tanisha is said to be crazy, madly, deeply in love with the industrialist. So much so that she spent the last month in London with her new beau.

On the other hand, brother-in-law Ajay Devgan proposed to re-launch Tanisha in a home-production but she flatly refused stating that “she is no longer keen to act”. It seems that Tanisha is sitting pretty on cloud nine and hoping that wedding bells for her will ring soon. The same friend also reported that Kajol and her family have told Tanisha to take it easy and get to know the businessman more before progressing further into a possible marriage.

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