Tanuj Virwani five releases in a span of just 9 months!

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The Tattoo Murders, Murder Meri Jaan, Tandoor and now soon to be released Cartel followed by the The Inside Edge 3 – It’s going to be as many as for Tanuj Virwani. While The Tattoo Murders (earlier titled Kamathipura) arrived in April, The Inside Edge 3 would release before December.

“Well, with five babies in nine months, you can see that my family planning has gone for a toss,” laughs Tanuj, “These brings happen though when you get too excited. Pun intended. See, I have been working very hard on some of the projects for as good as two years. However because of COVID, things got pushed. Instead of rushing these through, we chose to spend time on post production. That’s what the good shows do and that’s why they stand out from the rest. Of course as an actor, at least as of now I am not in a position to define the release date. However, these are all my babies and I need to nurture them all, even though they are now arriving back to back.”

While Tanuj has already garnered good appreciation for his three web series that have released so far, The Tattoo Murders, Murder Meri Jaan, Tandoor, all eyes are on the next big release Cartel which is on the way and is backed by none other than Ekta Kapoor.

“This one is a truly big show and that’s the reason why the journey too has been two year long,” says Tanuj, “To think of it, I was playing a different character to begin with. We started shooting and then Ekta decided that the part which I am playing now is actually the right one for me. After two years this is now coming in front of the audience and it’s all very gratifying. There are web series and movies that do get made and this is definitely one of the toughest when it comes to the logistics involved and the scale. It is truly a big one by all means.”

While he has acted in quite a few other web shows as well, including Code M and Poison, Tanuj places Cartel right up there with another biggie of his, The Inside Edge, where he has been a regular across all the three seasons as Vayu Raghavan.

“When I chose to step into Cartel, I was focusing not just on the character that I was playing but the bigger picture. What a fabulous set of actors it has and the whole concept and scale of the show is amazing. Sometimes, you do get truly excited with the sheer potential that a show carries. I got that sense for The Inside Edge; I get the same for Cartel as well.”

One looks forward to all the masala in store once the web series releases on 20th August.

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