Tell Me Oh Khuda is not Esha’s Comeback

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Esha Deol’s forthcoming film, Tell Me Oh Khuda is being regarded as her “comeback” film. However, the actress says that she hasn’t gone anywhere for it to be labeled as that. She claims that she simply did not like the films that were offered to her and thought it best to wait for something meaningful.

“Now that I’m a producer, I will only do films that I love,” she says. “I really don’t think that I have chosen my films well. But I have wisend up and I, as an actor or producer, will only take up films that have some good content. Today that is the driving force not how many stars you have or how big the banner is. Films like Bheja Fry, Phas Gaye Re Obama and Tere Bin Laden have created breakthroughs,” added the daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra.

This is the first time she will be acting with her father and she says it is going to be awesome to work with him, “I will tell you a secret. I have for long wanted to do a film with dad, but nothing ever worked out. I think everything happens for the best as now I have my dad in my own movie. It makes it doubly awesome. He knows so much about movie-making that he has been a constant guide to me through the making of the film.”

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