Tension in the air for Kareena and Arjun?

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In a week from now, Ki & Ka would be hitting the screens. While all seems hunky dory for now, what with the duo dancing to the tune of ‘High Heels’ and also exchanging some banter as the couple on screen, one wonders if Balki has kept the entire narrative of the film fun and frothy, or is there going to be some tension in the air as well for them?

“Well, it is a relationship driven film and there are bounds to be ups and downs. Of course the beauty of the film is that none of them gets over burdening either for the characters or the audience,” says Arjun, who plays Kareena’s house-husband in the film.


“Yes, issues do keep coming in the life of Ki and Ka; however they are strong enough individuals to come together and solve them all,” continues Arjun, “There are pressures from the society too; they do question the manner in which they live and sort out responsibilities. This isn’t all as there are inter-personal matters as well, especially when certain quantum of ego comes in. However, they do deal with these situations eventually; they tackle them all.”

Balki has a knack for bringing some real situations on screens, as has been his strength since the days of Cheeni Kum.

“The same holds true for Ki & Ka as well,” says Arjun, “There is nothing illogical that you would find on screen. If you ask Arjun why does he do certain things and the manner in which he does that, he would have all the answers. He plays with his logic. As for the things that play on screen between him and Kia, it is all genuine emotion at play. We are not preaching to the audience.”

We like that, and would like to see that all in motion once the Balki and Eros flick releases all over on 1st April.

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