‘Tere Bina’ from Tezz Is a Sufi Touch In an Action Film

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After the success of their hit song ‘Mast Mast Do Nain’ from Dabangg, music director duo Sajid Wajid are looking forward to their next number ‘Tere Bina Tere Bina’ from Tezz. So are audiences after that sneak peek we got when we saw the recording of the song with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. We also were also teased with some shots from the film showing Ajay Devgn and Kangna Ranaut in the song picturization. What is so interesting that though Tezz is a full on action thriller, this is the romantic ballad fans love to hear and see. About choosing the song for the film, producer Ratan Jain said, “We had many sittings on the songs numbers and Sajid Wajid would play many tunes. We selected this song even before we started working on the film. It’s going to be a great song.”

Music director Wajid says, “The song is a very soulful melody which is the requirement in films today. Tezz is an action film and when there is certain amount of rawness in action a Sufi number like this is going to create a great impact. It has been shot on Ajay Devgn and Kangna who are both fantastic actors. Ajay has something in his eyes which bring out the soulfulness of the song. Director Priyadarshan too has a special touch when it comes to romantic numbers. The song has been shot beautifully in London and caters to the mood and cinematography of the film.”

Sajid adds, “Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is close to us and he is a good singer and has passion. We respect him as an artiste and singer. He is a gem of a person and our work equation with him is fantastic. Like the Dabangg song which he has sung earlier this song too has a beautiful flavor and a Sufi touch which people will enjoy.”

As Sajid said “Enjoy!”


Tezz is set to release in theaters on April 27th!

Not only that we have this new cool poster too!

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