Tere Mere Beach Mein: Farah Takes on Priyanka Chopra and Vijender Singh

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Farah Khan takes on Priyanka Chopra this Saturday in her episode about people who come from smaller towns to the major metro’s in hopes to make it big. Farah Khan takes viewers into the life of Priyanka Chopra as she takes them around the allies of her hometown Bareilly and finally into her current high-flying life. Joining her was Vijender Singh, Olympic Boxing Champion who too hails from a small town in Haryana. Viewers were taken to his home where his family spoke about their sacrifices they have had to make to bring up their son.

On a lighter note, the small-towners bartered their trades as Vijender challenged Priyanka to a boxing match while Priyanka attempted to teach the boxer a thing or two about acting. Needless to say, the result was nothing less of humorous. Vijender’s acting stint was beyond hilarious as he let Priyanka win the boxing match claiming he was always taught to never hit a girl.

Both the celebrities spoke about the importance of their families and their contribution to their success as well as the importance of having a “chalo karte hain” (okay, let’s do it) attitude. They also encouraged viewers to live their dreams irrespective of their upbringing. The final lesson? Never give up or lose your confidence!

Check back tomorrow when Farah chats with Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty!

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