Tere Mere Beach Mein: Neil Nitin Mukesh and Abhay Deol, Independent Actors

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In her last weekend of the season, Farah Khan brings together Neil Nitin Mukesh and Abhay Deol in an episode dedicated to youth independence. Hailing from a predominantly orthodox and yet famed family, Neil Nitin Mukesh spoke about his barriers as a child. He went on to talk about the expectations his family had and currently has from him. Neil expressed that while he took his parents opinions into consideration, he personally is not one to approve of any interference when it came to professional decisions.

Abhay Deol
made his debut onto the small screen with his appearance on the show. The actor spoke about his plunge into films and his restricted adolescence. However, he then spoke about his escape from his family as he moved out into his own home. The actor described how the ultra orthodox Deols were stunned when they saw Dev D but expressed that the conceived definition of “independence” has been blurred by suppressed thinking.

The duo spoke at length about their families and their contribution to their lives and even their careers. They played an innovative and fun game followed by a quick jig before the show was over.

Check back tomorrow when the Shah Rukh Khan graces the season finale. Apparently, this is a must-watch!

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