That Girl In Yellow Boots walked in at Cha Bar

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On Wednesday afternoon, Cha Bar at Oxford book store in Churchgate for the first time ever witnessed a live gig by the lead stars of That Girl In Yellow Boots. Kalki Koechin and Gulshan Devaiyah broke into their characters, Ruth and Chityappa and performed an excellent skit that just had the scenario in place. The dialogs and flow were purely based on improvisation. Director, Anurag Kashyap revealed, “This is how the movie was woven, and taken forward. We all would meet up at my house, and start practicing the scene, and each one of us, including the Assistant Directors, would give their inputs on improvising the scene and giving it a push in the right direction.”

The story has been written by the talented actress of the film, Kalki but she would rather share the credit with her husband, Anurag. She said, “The main idea of this story was initiated by Anurag. I just elaborated it. In fact we both have co-written the script.”

Talking about the difficulties involved in making the film, the director bared some more interesting information. He said that people around him discouraged him from making this movie saying that this would be sort of a career suicide for him. But he was so certain that this film would find place in the hearts of the audience it was made for, that he decided to go ahead with his instincts and make this film. The revelations did not stop here, as he continued baring it all… He borrowed money on a daily basis to ensure that this film sees the light of the day. And after facing a lot of rejections, now that this movie has received applause and standing ovation from the audience at Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival, his joy knows no bounds. And to add to this, this is Anurag’s first movie that is releasing worldwide.

That Girl In Yellow Boots will walk into a theatre near you on September 2nd this year.

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