The 5 Directors of Amazon Prime Video’s Unpaused Anthology talk about the film set during lockdown

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The Amazon Prime Original anthology film, Unpaused, is a combination of 5 stories set at the time of lockdown. While the films highlight various themes, the stories are based in the era of Covid and the 5 stories in the anthology are tied together to highlight new beginnings in these challenging times. Fans can witness these stories of hopes and new beginnings now, only on Amazon Prime Video.

Unpaused brings together 5 of the most prolific directors in Hindi cinema – Nikkhil Advani, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Raj & DK, Nitya Mehra, and Avinash Arun to create The his amazing film. Along with a brilliant combination of directors, ‘Unpaused’ also explores a talented mix of actors Ratna Pathak Shah, Richa Chaddha, Sumeet Vyas, Saiyami Kher, Rinku Rajguru, Gulshan Devaiah, Ishwak Singh, Lillete Dubey, Abhishek Banerjee, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Shardul Bharadwaj.

‘Glitch’ showcases the fear of human contact during these times, ‘Apartment’ highlights the depressing feeling of being left alone, ‘Rat-a-Tat’ shows how comforting bonds irrespective of age differences can help you survive hard-hitting stretches, ‘Vishaanu’ is the story of a migrant family struggling for their abode and ‘Chaand Mubarak’ highlights how slowly peeling of differences can help individuals survive together regardless of their social strata.

Recently, the directors of the anthology revealed that when they decided to do the film, the idea of getting back to the sets excited them the most.

Raj from the famous duo of Raj and DK who directed the film ‘Glitch’ said, “It was time when the world was at a stand-still and we were sitting at home thinking what can be done as film-makers when outlets were completely shut. We wanted to be on the sets, making films and that was the time when Aparna Purohit (Head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video) called us for the short film. Reshu Nath came with a sweet little script and things just fell in place, and we were back on the sets shooting for ‘Glitch’. DK added saying, “Initially when the lockdown started, we felt lucky as story writers to have got the time to sit and develop stories but after a few months, I was missing the shoots, being on sets, actually doing something other than just writing and then, we got Aparna’s call. Then we didn’t have any story, but just the idea of doing it and shooting it felt great.”

‘Mumbai Diaries’ director Nikkhil Advani on being the part of the anthology with his film ‘Apartment’ (based on the theme of hope) said, “My Unpaused moment of hope was the hope of being back on the sets. All directors, film-makers, storytellers come alive on the set, so the main idea is to be there. I didn’t even think twice before saying yes to it. I think everybody involved with the film had a mutual feeling, they were hoping to be on the set and there is always light on the end of the tunnel, there is always hope, and that’s what our story also showcases.”

Well-known actress and director Tannishtha Chatterjee who directed “Rat-a-Tat”, the saga of happiness said, “My idea of happiness is similar to my colleagues like we were all sitting at home thinking about what and how to do next, I got this call if I would like to explore a story like this based at the time of lockdown, to be shot with a limited crew. It excited me. Like every other artist, I was also dying to go back to the sets.”

‘Chaand Mubarak’ Director Nitya Mehra said, “It all started when Pranati (Pranati Nagarseth, Producer: Chaand Mubarak) called me and told me about this short film. My kid was just 6 months old and we were quarantined in another city, not even in Mumbai. But we got on the call with Aparna (Aparna Purohit, Head of India Original, Amazon Prime Video) and it was all so bizarre. She asked me if I would like to do a shot. I said yes, I would like to do anything right now to go back to the sets. Then Aparna said that what if we have a 10 people crew and in my mind I just wondered 10 people would just includes DOP, me and a few more and its over, who would act? So, that was very exciting, to do something we had never done. But like the story of our film is all about trust, that time also I wondered that though I had agreed but in these conditions with people in my family, my kid, how do I go back to the sets and trust again and that time I thought of making a film that teaches to trust again.”

Unpaused is streaming now. Stay tuned for our review!

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