The Acclaim For Fanaa Continues!

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It was one of the most anticipated releases of last year which saw the comeback of one of Indian cinema’s most loved actresses and after the release it was confirmed to be amongst the top hits of last year. However the magic and acclaim of Fanaa didn’t end with the year 2006.

Kunal Kohli and YRF’s Fanaa have now been awarded The Navbharat Time’s Udaan Awards for promoting the Hindi language.

When speaking to top Bollywood portal Indiafm, Kunal Kohli said, “This award was meant for contribution of Hindi Language. It feels great that my movie Fanaa got an award but at the same time it is bad that we are getting awards for promoting our own national language.”

Along with the above statement, Kunal also commented that it’s a shame that such an award is not politicised more as he feels the Hindi language isn’t given the due acknowledgment and respect by the new generation, and that perhaps this is the reason why Indians are loosing their language which part of the culture.

Despite still basking in the glory of Fanaa, Kunal Kohli hasn’t stopped for a moment to take a breather. The young talented director is back in business this September as his next project goes on floors. Kunal has reportedly signed Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji for the project alongside Rishi Kapoor who will have a guest appearance. Audiences once again await with high anticipation from the maker of previous blockbusters Hum Tum and Fanaa.

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