The Bachchans Skip Out on Holi

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For the second year running, the Bachchans will be not be playing or celebrating Holi in all its grandeur. Last year the family omitted the festival of color from their yearly celebrations as they didn’t feel it was respectful to rejoice after the 26/11 catastrophe. This year the family will not celebrate as close friend Amar Singh is mourning the death of a close one who passed away in the Pune Bomb Blasts. Previously in 2008, the family did not celebrate as they were mourning the death of Amitabh Bachchan’s mother’s death.
Senior Bachchan blogged, “We do not celebrate again this year. Primarily because of the death of a close relative of our family friend Amar Singhji, but also we do not feel comfortable in celebrating when our own have lost lives in the Pune blast recently.”

He did wish his fans and well-wishers on the occasion of Holi, “My wishes and those of my family remain, however, with those that do bring in this festival, a festival that fills us with the joy of achievement and change and produce. Happy Holi! And may the colors bright and beautiful ever remain with you in celebration. May it bring peace and calm and may it become the turning point for good tidings.”

The Bachchans also skipped out on the recent Filmfare Awards this year. They boycotted the event after The Mumbai Mirror article which spoke about Aishwarya being unable to conceive due a Tuberculosis disease. Instead the family stayed at home and chatted with Paa director Balki, who incidentally also refrained from attending the ceremony siding with the Bachchans, and discussed potential movie ideas.

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