The changing faces of Bollywood stars

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Preity Zinta has definitely changed a great deal from her Soldier days. Of course, she’s lost quite a bit of weight, which made her gorgeous dimples stand out even more. However, it seems as though she’s gotten a nose job. If you’ve seen Soldier or Dil se you can see her nose looks a lot wider/larger than what you may see in Veer-Zaara or KHNH. In the first picture, her nose looks much larger than in the second picture. Her nose might have grown smaller, after she lost weight or as she grew older but it can’t have gotten this perfect. It also seems as though she’s sporting contacts but nowadays everyone’s wearing contacts.

Shahrukh Khan is one actor that has undergone many drastic changes throughout his career. Let’s start off with his obvious nose job. The once pointy and big nose has now turned into a medium sized, almost perfect nose. His lips look quite different too, now that you think about it. His upper-lip looks much smaller or maybe it’s because he’s not smiling in the second picture. His hair has definitely changed from the DDLJ days where it used to be the same throughout each movie. I still think he should have stuck to the hair he had in KHNH instead of the hair he has after Don. And there’s no denying that he hasn’t worked out the past few years, his neck muscles are almost popping out in the second picture, and not to mention he has worked quite a bit on his body.

Kajol is another actress that has changed quite a bit. It doesn’t look as though she’s gone through surgical changes but her hairline looks much higher in the second picture. She’s also lost a lot of weight, after having a baby, which has made her face much wider. Thanks to modern technology, her hair is also much straighter and gorgeous. She also seems to be sporting contacts in her earlier days and also now, one day she has brown eyes and the other day she has green? Natural eye color? I think not. One wishes she’d do something about that unibrow of hers but, it does make her more unique.

Esha Deol, is another actress that has definitely gone through many surgical changes. Let’s start off with her nose, which looks a lot sharper in the second picture. A nose job maybe? Her lips have changed as well, her smile looks much fuller now, especially in the movie Ankahee. It seems as though she’s undergone a Lip Augmentation surgery. And thank god she’s done something with her hair, it looks quite stringy in the first picture. Now she sports several layers around her face that give her a more womanly appearance. I don’t think she’s lost a lot of weight, maybe a few pounds here and there.

Priyanka Chopra is one actress that realized quite early in her career that to last in Bollywood she’s going to have to undergo a few surgical changes. She was obviously gorgeous to begin with (or she wouldn’t have won Miss World) but she had a few flaws that she realized very quickly. Such as her nose, which looks quite pointy in her miss world days, but looks much smaller and less-noticeable in the second picture. Thank god she did get a nose job or people would have never noticed those gorgeous full lips, with that nose getting in the way. She’s known for her full lips and extremely volumized natural hair which has given her an advantage over other actresses who have to spend hours in the salon. And don’t forget, she’s lost quite a bit of weight, and has a toned body now that many actresses envy.

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