The Changing Looks of Imran Khan

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He played a cute boy just out of college in his first film, in his second; he was a kidnapper and sported a totally different look. For his next two films, Imran Khan once again will be seen looking totally different. For Luck, he had to beef up but for Delhi Belly he has had to go for the lean look and is sporting the scruffy look.

Imran has had to go on some serious diet restrictions for Delhi Belly and he told Taran Adarsh, “I am on a strict diet, having one meal a day. That’s the demand of the character. He has to look lean. Aamir Uncle has asked me to follow a regime, you know how particular he is about everything.”

The story of Delhi Belly is still very much under wraps so we will have to wait and watch to see what world Imran and Aamir are going to take us too. However, Imran did say that film would appeal to people worldwide, “It should prove to be that breakthrough film in the international markets. Aamir knows better, he must’ve done a lot of homework before plunging headlong into this film.”

Seems Imran has not found that next script that he would like to do, “There’ve been offers, but nothing that would excite me. I’ve decided to take a break of at least a few months before I sign my next venture. I’ve been shooting non-stop, I need to unwind before I accept new assignments.”

So guess fans will have to wait with bated breath to see what character this fine young actor will take on next. We will keep you updated on all the Imran news so check back often!

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