The Dark Side of Emraan Hashmi

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Emraan Hashmi, who stars in Raaz – The Mystery Continues with Kangana Ranaut, prefers playing characters with a dark side – “I prefer to do dark characters. That’s closer to me and that’s what I enjoy doing more,” he says, “I cannot insanely dance around trees; at least when the role really doesn’t demand that.” The film is due to be released on Jan 23rd.

In Raaz 2, Emraan plays a painter who can foresee the future. “I’m sure there will be comparisons with the earlier Raaz. That’s bound to happen,” he argues “But I’m sure that people will love this one too since it’s got all the ingredients to be successful at the box office. This film has a different plot and will give a new definition to the horror genre.”

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