The day Anurag didn’t call the action director for Kites shoot

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Kites, a love story packed with some dangerous action sequences, all of which have been done by Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori themselves. After shooting sequences where actors climbed on moving hot air balloon and hung from moving trucks, chased tumbling fire cars and many such… breaking a piece of glass appeared a small job to Anurag Basu…not knowing what the end result would be!

So the day when Hrithik was scheduled to shoot the scene of breaking a glass, Anurag discussed this with him who also agreed confidently do this by himself and the action director wasn’t summoned that day.

“We had done so many sequences without any injuries and there was a small scene where Hrithik had to break a glass and I didn’t call any action director. I like to do most action scenes myself. So I cracked the glass and kept it for Hrithik to break, but when he broke the glass a big piece pierced into his wrist,” says Anurag.

Hrithik had to then be rushed to the hospital which left Anurag feeling highly guilty. “Hrithik got stitches in his hand and I couldn’t stop blaming myself for it, I was shaken up,” he admits.

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